Top 5 New Year’s Teacher Resolutions for 2012

Wishful thinking or the reality of our profession??


#5. I will not take papers home every single night to grade while eating dinner. (One month later: Mr. G, why is there spaghetti sauce on my Banneker analysis essay?)

#4. I will get all my copying done at least a day ahead of time to avoid paper jams and ‘load staples’ messages 5 minutes before class. (Memo one month later: The budget came in, there’s no more copy paper for the HS anyway—we have Moodle, go paperless)

#3. I am going to pack and bring my healthy, economically sound lunch…(Wait, did you say Taco Tuesdays and Texas Tommy Thursdays are starting…for only $2.95 including chocolate milk!?)

#2. I will not use all of my prep time to plan lacrosse practices.  (Hey Mr. G…I am looking at our writing assignment; how does ‘run motion from X, hammers top and bottom’ relate to Jack Kerouac’s On the Road?)

#1. I will continue to hold high standards, do everything I can to support my students to meet those standards, and approach each and everyday with passion, an open mind, and commitment to continued learning.

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