Seeing the Forest Through the Trees and Saying Thanks

Sometimes it is easy to get lost in the day to day of the work we do…the grind.

For the past few years, Garnet Valley has been working towards becoming a Future Ready School District.  This means continuously looking at everything from culture, to systems, to infrastructure, to leadership, to curriculum, to instruction, to physical space (to name a few).

After sharing different parts our journey at ISTE in Denver last Spring, we had an opportunity to really take a step back, reflect, and celebrate all that has been accomplished so far to get to where we are today.  While that celebration is short lived and by no means a destination (really we are already way past and way deeper into the work from this video today), it was nice to take a breath an be in the moment.




Special thanks to everyone in Garnet Valley–our Staff, Students, Community, and Instructional Leadership Team–as well as everyone outside Garnet Valley with whom we’ve been able to connect and learn, especially–Kristina Peters & the #GoOpen Community, Eric Nentrup & @GetAlma, Bill Taylor & Rebecca Henderson & Spider Learning, the folks at SchoologyTom Murray, AJ Juliani, Jason Bretzmann, Peter Logli & Jake Shea from @GoogleForEdu, Gabrielle Russomagno & her team from Germantown Academy, Dianne Krause & the team from Wissahickon Middle School, as well as Dr. Jean Dyszel–for helping us long the way!

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