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Education is My Life was an off shoot of Collaborative Educational Solutions, a joint venture with two friends and colleagues, @StevenJMogg & @ajjuliani (  Our goal was to build a free group blog that included a wide range of folks who are passionate about education and who were willing to share their thoughts, experiences, and ideas.

We wrote about education from every angle. Our writers were from all walks of life and education is their passion. We wanted to bring intellectual curiosity back into the classroom and keep it there.  The following perspectives were covered by EML writers: Principal, Curriculum Writer, Consultant and Researcher, Tech Developer, Literacy Developer, HS Teacher, Elem. Teacher, Policy Maker, Coach, Librarian, College Professor, College Dean, Non-Profit Organization, EdTech Startup, School Board Member, Parents, and Students.

This endeavor eventually morphed into a free E-Newsletter, The Best and

 As time, money (or lack thereof), job and family all started to impact each other, this project fell by the wayside.  We did manage to publish a number of free e-Books (still accessible below):

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