Current & Past Projects

Linked here are a few past projects, experiences, labors of love that I have been lucky enough to have experienced.  All throughout the successes and failures, experience,  growth and the benefit of working with folks who know a lot more than I do have been the three constants.

The Current Grind….

Garnet Valley iS Future Ready

The following video is about an 11min overview of the past 3 years worth of team work in Garnet Valley.

That Start-up….

Education is My Life

Education is My Life was an off shoot of Collaborative Educational Solutions, L.L.C, a joint venture with two friends and colleagues…to read more CLICK HERE.

The Lacrosse Program….

Organizational Change & Wissahickon Lacrosse

As an outgrowth of my master’s work in Adult Training and Organizational Leadership, I had the opportunity to study change management and leadership, and subsequently develop and put into practice a organizational development plan to change the culture of the Wissahickon School District lacrosse program….to read more CLICK HERE.