Final Form- A Future Ready Library

Revisiting the Areas & Their Function

So, as promised…a final look at our last main space in the district that we have designed, our Garnet Valley HS Library.  For the complete WHY, HOW and WHAT Elementary & Middle spaces, as well as the WHY and HOW of our HS Spaces (all in process with before and during pics), please check out:


The ‘10,000 ft view’ of the vision and mission of all of our redesigns were focused on three main goals:

  • Design a space that is student-centered
  • Design a space that fosters collaboration
  • Design a space that encourages creativity and innovation


The areas in the GVHS Library we were looking to create in the redesign were:

  • Technology Playground– this will be a space for new and emerging technologies (ie- VR, 360 Video Conferencing, Gaming Systems, etc.).  The plans is to outfit this with a tv/video wall, couches, and different configurations of high and low top tables and chairs.
  • Reading Lounge this space will house our high interest fiction and nonfiction, be easily browsable, have rotating displays and comfortable places to read and discuss books.
  • Study Area this space will be housed behind a glass wall in the back of the library (we have to remove a majority of our stacks and reallocate our resources) and will contain a quiet space for study with tables and cubes for privacy.
  • Maker Space- this an area of the library for students to tinker, build, and connect research to learning to making. Part of this area will also house our new Student Technology Help Desk.
  • Idea Room– this is currently the librarian’s office (that is being moved as we are adding windows to a large storage space that she is turning into her new office…pics below) that has windows looking out into the library.  The goal is a closed space for groups of teachers and students to go to to brainstorm and kick around ideas.  The goal is to have every surface we can writable, and we are looking at setting up a green screen area and possible a sound recording studio in a segment of the room.
  • Collaborative Class Space– this will be about 1/2 or so of our enormous, open main library space.   This will contain the collaborative tables with the flat screen televisions and mobile device hook ups (see the MS Space above for a sample).
  • Movable Classroom– this will be the other 1/2 of the open main library space. This will contain tables and chairs that are on wheels and can be rearranged and reorganized into a number of different configurations.

The Final Product (Form)

Moving from the entrance in, then right to left around the library, here is the after:

The Before and After

The Team

Something of this size and scope is never the effort of 1 (or even 2) persons.  This was a collective effort that was a result of the support of many of our district staff, from our GVSD Superintendent Marc Bertrando to our school board to our students (notice the pop art throughout the library!).  A special shout out to some of the folks who gave much of their Winter, Spring & Summer, along with their creativity and talents to help make this a reality:


At this point we are just looking forward to our students coming back in a few weeks to actually use the Space!

Thanks for reading!

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