From Demolition to Creation- Learning Space Update 2

As I mentioned in my first 2 posts related to our library redesign, When Form Matches Function: Redesigning Our Learning Spaces, & Updates on our Learning Space Redesign, I promised to provide updates as we go through the process of redesigning our high school library.

After a busy June and early July of demolition, we are now in the creation phase of the library.  Some of the contractors and different vendors we’ve contracted with have started their work (pictures and videos below).  Along with the outside folks,  Bruce Craig and our facilities department, along our HS Librarian Melissa Josef, our MS Reading Specialist Kim Uhrig, and our Instructional Technology Specialists Julie DevineMike Simone, & Janine Conley have continued to work to upgrade the space.

Please see the pictures and video walkthrough clips of the Library and Space that extends into the school entrance below.  We have new carpets, shelves built by our Technology Education department, a circulation desk that’s a work in progress, and a glass wall being built.

I also had a chance to get some video of our librarian, Melissa Josef, giving a quick tour of each area with the reasoning behind the space design related to student use; we also had our @GarnetValleyHS Principal Steve Brandt give us a quick overview of the changes the the HS entrance that runs into the library.

The School Entrance 

The Entrance & Tech Playground


The Circulation Desk & Student Help Desk Area

The High Interest Reading Lounge

The Quiet Study Area

The Main Learning Areas

The Idea Room

The Office


Stay Tuned for The Final PROJECT!

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